Wise Owls at Farm View Day Nursery, Reading

Wise Owls provides outstanding Day Nursery care for 8 weeks to 5 years old

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How do I book a place?

If you would like your child to join our Day Nursery, you must register your child first. There is a certain amount of information we must have in advance to be able to manage our activities, comply with legislation and offer your child the best care and security.

On-line bookings:

It is best to view the nursery first to see if it is for you then you can register on line, choose to register from the menu above and complete the registration procedures. When we receive your completed registration form, we will e-mail you with a confirmation and provide you with your own, unique registration number.

Once you have received your registration number, you will be able to log in on line and then select the booking option you require, following the on-screen instruction, to choose the days. Please do be aware you must have viewed the Nursery before completing your booking.

For bookings a deposit and registration fee are payable by BAC payment at the time of making the booking. Once a space is available we will confirm this via email. If you no longer require your place we require 1 full months’ notice in writing for our Day Nursery and 1 full term notice for our pre-school.

Please note if we have availability you can book extra sessions via our nursery once you have a permanent booking and you are registered. Telephone 01189 887889

We strongly recommend bringing your child to visit the Nursery and doing the settling in days before your child attends the Nursery, so they familiarise themselves with the setting. Please book your compulsory visit through our nursery – we are available Monday- Friday 7.30am-6pm. Regrettably we cannot accommodate drop-in visits.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we accept all childcare vouchers. We can provide reference numbers for several, so please contact the office/ nursery and let us know which company you are using. You will also need our Ofsted number.

Please ensure these are set up as a regular payment for the 1st of each month with your reference number eg: John Smith JSmithFV to tally it up to your invoice. During your booking process you will need to state where the vouchers are come from for example Sodexo. Then you will need to put in the amount for example £243 then the date they will go through 1st of each month.

We also accept Tax free Childcare Government payments as detailed above. Please fill these details into the voucher section as above stating the amount.

Do you accept funding sessions 15 hours?

We do this will be deducted from your morning sessions in pre school or if you attend more than 5 half days or 2 full days in our day nursery. You will have these deducted from your fees and receive a new monthly amount once your child joins Snowy Owls and your child is over 3 years of age.

You will see the payment due deducting this when you make a booking. If you wish to have funded only sessions this is available for afternoon sessions only and we hold a waiting list for this option. Please contact the nursery to find out more. We will also charge for consumables.

Do you accept 30 hr funding?

We do but only if your child attends the day nursery 3 or more days per week.

Can I pay Monthly?

All fees are due on the 1st of every month, if you do not make all fee payments before the due date late fees will apply. We charge £5 per week if your payment is late. If this is due to not having the correct payment reference when the client made the payment then the charge will still apply as we have had to spend the time finding your payment.

I’d like to cancel my place. What notice do I need to give?

For our Day Nursery we require 1 months’ notice in writing, for our pre-school term time section we require 1 full term notice in writing. Please send to Kayleigh in the nursery on fvnursery@wiseowlschildcare.co.uk

I would like to change my child’s days they attend nursery, what do I do?

For our Day Nursery we require 1 full months’ notice in writing to change your child’s day.

Do you do a sibling discount?

We have reduced our prices to support every child and family in our care so we are unable to offer any further discounts and keep our standards high.

I’ve paid my invoice but I still received a reminder by email. Why is this?

Payments sometimes take time to show up in our account, especially voucher payments, and as reminders are sent out automatically they may overlap. We ask you to ignore the reminders if this is the case, or if you have already contacted us to inform us of when the payment will be made. If it has been longer than 10 days since you have sent your payment, and you still receive a reminder please contact us at fvnursery@wiseowlschildcare.co.uk as it may be that the payment has been lost and we will need to find out what has happened to it. Please ensure you use the reference for all payments for example John Smith JSmithFV.

However, if you have not paid it is important that you pay on receipt of the reminder to avoid late payment fees. Confirmation emails for your payment are sent once the invoice has been paid in full. To help this process please ensure all payments are made on time with the correct reference for us to log it.

Do I pay for bank holidays/inset days/sick days?

Yes, all payments are due we charge for 51 weeks of the year for Day Nursery and 38 weeks of the year for pre-school. Please see our terms and conditions for more information and policies. We provide the food, staffing, activities and this is all organised before the day therefore fees are due.

What meals are provided?

We use a catering company called Crumbs. Please look at the menu’s displayed on our website for snack, lunch and tea.

If my child isn’t coming today after all, how do I let you know they won’t be attending?

Please contact us as soon as you know your child is not attending a session by contacting the day number or by contacting Kayleigh on 0118 9887889 or email the nursery on fvnursery@wiseowlschildcare.co.uk, please ensure you also phone the nursery.

What does my child need to bring?

Spare clothes, wipes (if needed)

They will need a change of clothes each day just in case you get wet.

They will need appropriate clothing for the day to attend indoor and outdoor activities. In winter they will need coats, gloves and hats. We also ask for wellington boots to be left at nursery. In summer children will need a sun hat, glasses and sun cream. If your child is in the baby room on formula then you will need to provide milk and bottles. Any medication such as inhalers etc. please ensure these are handed to the room leader and a form is completed.

How is my child settled into the day nursery?

Once you have had your show round here at the nursery. You will be required to sign up on the website. You will be required to pay fees which include £50 admin fee and £100 deposit this will sit on your account in credit and will be deducted from your last months fees. After we have received this information you will be contacted the month before your child/ren start date regarding the home visit. This is where a member of staff from your child/ren room will come and meet yourself and the child/ren. We will fill in a form with yourself. Helping us understand your child’s routine and their requirements. You will then have visits here at nursery this will be: Full time (5 days) 1st visit - 9:00am - 11:00am 2nd Visit – 1:00pm – 3:00pm 3rd visit – 9:00am – 3:00pm, There will be a charge of £5 to cover the cost of lunch. 4 Days or Less you are entitled to 2 visits which are: 1st visit - 9:00am - 11:00am 2nd Visit – 1:00pm – 3:00pm If you feel your child/ren require additional visits to nursery these will be charged at £25 per visit and timings are agreed by the nursery manager. Change of sessions. If you require to change your start date/ or sessions for any reason, we will be required to provide the nursery manager minimum of 4 weeks’ notice to ensure we have the availability. .

What is provided?

We provide nappies up to Little Owls room (toddlers) we provide breakfast, morning snack, lunch and tea to all day care children. We provide a morning snack to Tawny Owl's children and if they are booked in for our lunch session then we provide a cooked lunch. We provide all art, toys and learning equipment as well as a happy caring team to support them.