Wise Owls at Farm View Day Nursery, Reading

Wise Owls provides outstanding Day Nursery care for 8 weeks to 5 years old

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A Guide for New Visitors

How do I find out about Wise Owls Day Nursery?

We have two sections which describe a bit more about our routine, beliefs and the way we feel children will learn in our environment. However, the best option is to book a viewing and come and see for yourself.

What do I need to do first if I want my child to join?

If you want your child to join our Nursery the first thing to do is to register yourself and the child on line (button below). There is a certain amount of information that we must have in advance in order to be able to manage our activities, comply with legislation and offer your child the best care and security.

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What happens after I have registered on line?

When you register on line we will receive your details and email you with a confirmation. You will then need to visit the Nursery after which we will provide you with your own, unique registration number to make a booking.

How do I book for the Nursery?

Once you have received your registration number you will be able to log in on line. You can then select the booking option you require following the on-screen instructions to choose your sessions. Please be aware at this point you will be asked for the registration fee and deposit which you must pay by on line BAC payment.

What happens after I have made a booking on line?

Your booking is NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation email of your booking. We will send this once we have space for your chosen days/ sessions.

Can I book for just a few odd days of Nursery?

No, you must commit to sessions each week. You can book a minimum of 3 half days or 2 full days. This is so your child can settle into the nursery. You can book extra sessions by calling 01189 887889 if they are available but require a permanent booking. Payment will be required when you make the booking and you will receive a confirmation once we have check availability. So, it is best to call and check this first.

For pre School you must attend Monday – Friday mornings. In addition, you can book lunch club and afternoon sessions. If you want less than 5 sessions per week you can book up 3 or more afternoon sessions instead. You must be over 3 years of age before the term starts for pre school.

What if I have more than one child?

Each child needs to be registered separately, but this is a one-off process. Thereafter please just ensure you keep your details updated. Log in to add a child.

What if I do not wish to register on line?

Please call our office on 01628 620013 and we will assist with the registration and booking process. However, you will need to keep these details up to date at all times for the safety of your child.