Wise Owls at Farm View Day Nursery, Reading

Wise Owls provides outstanding Day Nursery care for 8 weeks to 5 years old

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Tawny Owls Pre School is based at Loddon Court Farm, Spencers Wood, Reading

Age: The School will only accept children from 3 to 5 years old.

Hours: We care for children from 8.30am until 3.30pm.

Sessions: We offer morning and/or afternoon sessions with an optional lunch. If your child attends morning and afternoon the lunch session will be compulsory. Children will have to do all mornings if doing mornings at all; or a minimum of three afternoons.

Days: From Monday to Friday 38 weeks per year - term time only.

Q When can I register my child? A As soon as you like then please call to arrange a viewing of our Pre School first before making your booking on line. Your child must be over 3 years old before the term starts to join us in Tawny Owls. If your child attends the day nursery please ensure you give a months notice before making a booking.

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Tawny Owls

This room is an open plan room with free flow access to a patio and garden. The age range for the children in this room are aged 3 to school age and we can accept 16 children at any one time. The ratio is 1 adult to 8 children as the children at this age are becoming more independent.

The Tawny Owl children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Principles and participate in activities that will gently prepare them for school. We have gym time sessions where the children learn listening skills and join in group games. Healthy, physically active children are more likely to be academically motivated and active and physical competence builds self-esteem at every age.

The room focuses on building the children’s independence. We encourage the children to self-serve their own meals (if attending lunch) under close adult supervision. We aim to give the children choice as much as possible with a rolling snack time in the morning.

The children have formed a council which gives the children a voice on what they would like in the room and what they would like to do. The children also have a library where children are encouraged to choose a book once a week to take home and share with parents.

Every day the children practice phonics (phase 1 &2) using fun and interactive games and activities. We really believe in engaging the children to ensure the best learning outcome.

We aim to provide many different opportunities for the children to develop and experience the outdoor environment. We have a large sand pit, creative activities, footballs, bikes and scooters, a mud kitchen, a cosy home corner, a construction area, chalk boards, a wooden obstacle course, a bug area and large play equipment.

There is a bathroom attached to the room, this has two children sized toilets and sinks. At this stage the children are generally potty trained and able to use the toilet and wash their hands successfully.

Your child must be 3 years old before the term starts to be able to sign up for Tawny Owls.

Children must attend Monday – Friday mornings to join our Tawny Owls Pre School.  This is so they are involved in the weekly/ termly topic and it prepares them for an easier transition to school.  If you wish to do less sessions you may attend 3 or more afternoons instead of attending each morning if you feel this suits your child’s needs more.  Obviously, you are also able to attend all day and opt into lunch sessions also.

We accept 15-hour funding if your child attends our morning sessions Monday – Friday.  We have a small number of funded only sessions available during the afternoon period however we do have a waiting list for these sessions.  Please do contact the nursery if you would like to apply for one.  We do not accept 30-hour funding within Tawny Owls Pre School section however we do if your child attends our full day nursery 4 or 5 days per week.

Please do be aware if your child attends the day nursery you will be required to give 1 months’ notice before your child is able to join Tawny Owls this is not a natural progression within the Day Nursery.  We then require 1 full term notice in writing to fvnursery@wiseowlschildcare.co.uk to leave Tawny Owls Pre School.  We will respond, if you have not heard from us within 14 working days please do contact the office as we may not have received your notice and your terms fees will be due.